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31 Aug 2011

30 Days of Beauty & Fashion

Don't forget tomorrow sees the start of the wonderful 30 days event in which there is an offer, freebie, event or giveaway every day throughout the month of September.

It will definitely be one to book mark now ladies and check back regularly. My tip is to hit the site early in the morning to make sure you catch the days offer before it sells out / runs out etc.

Good luck lovelies!

And don't forget, Sheer Cover will be giving away make up at locations around the country every Tuesday throughout September! You can read about my post on this HERE

26 Aug 2011

A give away !

Now, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I'm going on holiday soon right? YES!

The lovely Cas over at Hair and Beautylicious (awesome blog btw - go follow!) is hosting an amazing Caribbean themed give away for reaching 150 followers.

Not only is that a great achievement but it's also a MIGHTY generous give away too! You can enter HERE

Look at all the stuff you could win!!

Cas has recently returned from Jamaica and looking at her holiday snaps is getting me super excited for my holiday.. admittedly i'm going to a different island but it still has that beautiful idyllic tropical island feel to it!

You can see her snaps HERE

I hope you all go and enter her awesome competition!!!

25 Aug 2011

Heads Up : Sheer Cover gets generous!

I hand on heart say the Sheer Cover duo concealer is my absolute most favourite of all time (blog review coming soon!) so I was absolutely over the moon to read in this months Cosmo magazine that they are getting involved with the return of '30 days of fashion & beauty' event.

Every day during the month of September there will be some kind of competition, discount of giveaway with a fashion & beauty theme! How nifty is that!

You can follow all the days and what's on offer at their website

Every Tuesday in September, the wonderful Sheer Cover people will be giving away free make up ( and WEN haircare with is also amazing!) - who wouldn't love that?

Sheer Cover Random Acts of Beauty!

Every Tuesday in September, Armand and the Sheer Cover team will be scouring the streets of the UK giving away free beauty products, mini makeovers and other beauty gifts to ladies that need a treat! 

To celebrate 30 days of Fashion & Beauty, leading mineral make up brand, Sheer Cover are taking to the streets of the UK and treating women every Tuesday in September! With the help of celebrity makeup artist Armand Beasley, the ladies of the UK will be given Sheer Cover and WEN haircare beauty treats as well as mini makeovers and gift certificates for spa treatments.

Find out where the Sheer Cover team are – follow on twitter @beautinews and find us on foursquare

Also visit to see Armand in action giving Random Acts of Beauty to the ladies of London!

 Will you be hunting them down to try?

24 Aug 2011

Haul : Planned OOTN

Planned OOTD

I went shopping last night after work to find either a new holiday dress for lounging round the pool etc or for a dinner event I am going to on Saturday night.

I got my eye on this exact dress and fell in love with it, it was also reduced from £39.50 to £10 so it was a sign!

I think I am going to wear it to the event on Saturday night with my tan accessories (that are all tone matched, despite the pictures up above ^ ) . I think the addition of the clutch bag over a shoulder bag, and some glam jewellery, make up and hair I can turn this maxi in to a smart look. Also, with a big beach bag, black flip flops and some sunnies, it's a perfect beach / pool dress

I don't want to go OTT smart for the event but I know I can style the dress up. I might swap the flats for some tan heels to match the waist cinch belt and clutch

Either way, I LOVE the dress... and I love it more for £10!

Dress was £10
Tan Clutch was £6
Tan waist cinch belt was £4
Tan Sandals were £5

Gotta love those end of summer sales!

Do you ever like to mix it up and accessorise a 'casual' dress in to a smart dress or vice versa?

23 Aug 2011

Bargain Alert : Ultimate Beauty Bargain!!

So, while cruising my local Boots to find something I both wanted and needed for £1 to bump my purchase up to get another No 7 voucher, I spotted the make up brush stand and thought i'd treat myself to some No 7 brushes.

Disappointingly they had NONE in stock, but my little beady eyes were drawn to the Ruby & Millie brushes, all eye brushes reduced to £1.66. I believe it was originally around £7

I thought that was a perfect little bargain to bump my spend.

At the till, the brush was reduced to... wait for it.... 41p. Yes. Forty one pence!

Needless to say I ran back and emptied the rack (hello blog give away!) and apparently all their other R&M eye & face brushes that were reduced to £1.66, were down to 41p. Sadly they only had the angled brush in.. but as I severely lack eyebrows, I am constantly using a small angled brush for adding to them.

So... how quickly will you be running to Boots to buy brushes? I hope your nearest store has them!!

Do you have any more massive bargains you can share with us all?

18 Aug 2011

Review : Dr Bronner's Liquid Soap

A little while ago I was kindly sent a selection of the famous Dr Bronners liquid soaps to try. 

The company really appealled to me as not only are they a 5th generation family run business, they are America's number 1 natural organic soap and they are officially certified as Organic which with sensitive skin like mine, the less chemicals I put on my skin the better.

Dr Bronner’s takes its organic credentials very seriously unlike many “natural” body care companies who masquerade their synthetically derived ingredients by using floral water as the main natural ingredient, while the functional ingredients are petrochemical derived and thus non-sustainable. The 100% Pure Castile Soap recipe used in Dr. Bronner’s soap is a simple, ecological, vegetable based formulation, named after the Castile region of Spain where olive oil soaps where invented long ago. The high foaming lather of the soap is from its high coconut oil content, which makes a more luxurious and rich lather compared to any detergent formulation commonly found even in “natural stores.” Dr. Bronner’s superfat their soaps with organic hemp and jojoba oils for a milder, smoother lather and use natural plant-derived vitamin E and citric acid to protect freshness. Apart from flavouring organic essential oils such peppermint, the base soap ingredients are Water, Saponified Organic Coconut*, Organic Palm* and Organic Olive* Oils (w/Retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils**, Citric Acid, Vitamin E.

Now, I always go on about being sensitive to smells and products so it made me sad that the scent of the rose & citrus soap irritated my allergies. I was able to use the Peppermint scent as long as I was sparing and didn’t use it anywhere near my face. I did try all 3 scents on my face as a face wash and while their cleansing properties were fab, the products just did not suit me. The thing I was really excited about was the lack of synthetic foaming agents which are the sole reason for skin drying out after use with soap!

One of the main claims of the Dr Bronner brand is that there are 18-in-1 uses. The blurb from the brand offers the following 18 uses : 

  1. Shave
  2. Shampoo
  3. Dental
  4. Soap bath
  5. Peppermint is nature's own unsurpassed fragrant Deodorant!
  6. A drop is best Mint Toothpaste; brushes Dentures Clean!
  7. A dash in water is the ideal Breath Freshener & Mouth Wash!
  8. Peppermint Oil Soap for Dispensers, Uniforms, Baby, Beach!
  9. Dilute for ideal Body Rub
  10. Foot Bath
  11. Douche
  12. Hot Towel-Massage the entire body, always towards your heart.
  13. Pets
  14. Silk, wool, washing clothes and dishes
  15. Body tingles head to toe - keeps cool!
  16. 3 dashes in water rinse most Sprays Off fruit & vegetables!
  17. 1/4 oz in qt H2O is Pest Spray!
  18. Dash, no rash Diaper-Soap!

I gave the soaps to my Mam and Dad, who being a keen gardener and working in engineering, both get pretty dirty hands! I asked them to try out the soap in a few different ways and see how they got on with it. They came up with a couple of interesting uses!

They were absolutely amazed with the cleaning power of this little gem. A tiny amount goes a LONG way and it cuts through dirt, grime and grease effortlessly. Dad likened it to using washing up liquid on dirty hands, but without the drying effects - That has to be good right? In the couple of months that they have had both bottles, the amount that have actually used is tiny, considering they wash their hands with it every day, and sometimes even more on weekends.

Mam has used the rose soap as shampoo and the results were fab, even I could see that! Her hair felt like it was cleaner than it had been before, as if all styling residue had been removed. Her naturally brown hair no longer had a dull tinge to it. She was disappointed that the scent didn't linger in the hair like more chemically filled products do, but that's a small price to pay for a more natural wash right? She said as a trial, she was able to go longer until her next wash after using the Dr Bronners

Mr Tramp & my Dad even tested it out, diluted to clean the side of my parents caravan and again, another effortless use for this little bottle of liquid gold! 

I have kept the peppermint bottle myself and have let Mr Tramp loose on it when he has been out working on the cars and he too agreed it cut through 'hard to shift' dirt with ease. Sometimes 2 washes were needed to completely clear the hands but no scrubbing was required which is a bonus for delicate little  paws! I can cope with the scent of the peppermint soap, as long as I don't get it too near to my face.

The thing that amazed me was actually the fabric cleaning properties! I trialled the peppermint as an on the spot clothes cleaner, with the idea of taking it on holiday with me as a multi purpose product. Minimises packing, and will double up for more than 1 thing. From my previous post HERE on holiday toiletries, you'll know how keen I am to always minimise packing and the amount of products required!

I used 1 microfibre cloth, with my Elemis face wash to remove all traces of my make up (eyes lips and skin) and then tried to use my regular hand soap to clean the cloth (NATURAL COLLECTION PEACH). The results were a smeary mess! The fabric felt slimey with product even after a good rinse. The next day, I tried the Dr Bronners as a clothes wash and the results were much much better. The cloth wasn't perfectly clean, far from it,  but it felt a lot better and the make up residue had greatly reduced in density! If it can do that to notoriously hard to shift foundation stains, a few light daily wear stains on shirts wouldn't be a problem for this liquid soap.
I definitely think I will take this on holiday with me, even if its just to refresh our chlorinated swimsuits every night after being at the pool!

My favourite use for the peppermint Dr Bronners has actually been during DIY pedicures. Stick it in your foot bowl and the warmed, diluted scent is very very relaxing and it also cleans your tootsies in a non agreesive, natural way. Hmm I can just picture it now, I think I need some pedicure pampering tonight actually!

The small bottles would actually be FAB to keep in your handbag for shopping trips / travel because you know that not all toilets have soap in them! This only takes the tiniest amount to give a good, generous non drying lather. I would rather use this soap than one of those hand sanitizers, given the choice, as both bottles are roughly the same size. I know it would comfortably cut through sticky lolly finger mess, or the slick grease of sandy suntan lotion covered mitts or in my usual case, the black, red, pink and orange hands of a trip to a make up counter swatching anything bright and bold! For £1.69 it's just such a bargain!

I must add, the issue with the fragrances is purely down to my own skin and my own allergies. It is not a reflection on the product, but the 3 people who have used these products have commented on the nice pleasant smell that doesn't feel overly synthesised. It smells natural. I have to agree. The smell does linger nicely on your skin after you have washed, without drying your skin.

For all this sounds like a mixed message, I can whole heartedly recommend this little diamond of a soap. It is very reasonably priced and considering it does indeed live up to it's claims of being suitable for many uses, I think keeping a bottle of this in your bathroom cabinet or travel washbag is a must. I know I will 110% be decanting some of the peppermint soap in to a small travel bottle ready for my holidays to keep in my day bag for those toilet trips that are without soap!

You can buy the Dr Bronners line of liquid soaps from the following places : 
Selected Waitrose's

The 8fl oz size is £4.99, the brilliant travel size is £1.69 and the bar retails at £3.50 < With prices like those, you can't not afford to try it!

16 Aug 2011

Girls Day Out Round up

Firstly, thank you so so much to every single person that RT'd the event links, got the word out and generally helped push the event. It wouldn't have succeeded without you all so a big huge kiss to you.

Secondly, and by no means less important, a HUGE shout of thanks to Kat from Without her support, ideas and help i'd never have got my plan off the ground. She is absolutely awesome and if you don't already follow her blog, I suggest you do so...., not in a second... NOW!

It was a wonderful day with 9 other wonder women, both bloggers and non bloggers. 

I'll point every one over to Kat's wonderful review post of the day - HERE which shows the goody bags we lovingly prepared with very very kind donations from brands.

I've pinched a one of Kat's photos just to show you the goody bag

I'd love to thank the following brands for helping with the event....

Molton Brown
The lovely Jane @ Grace Cole
The super helpful Sarah @ Green People
The wonderful Carrie @ Blistex
The lovely Julia at Spire PR - Katie Price
The kind ladies @ Boots perfume counter - Givenchy Parfum
The first to get on board - Stu at FirePR - The Maison D'anu
The generous Nick @ Bluebeard's Revenge

I'm looking forward to reading all the new product reviews for these products from the girlies.

For my first shot at organising a blogging event, I'm so so proud it succeeded and Kat and I are already planning bigger and better things for the next event.

We are running with the name NiN .... no, not nine inch nails... all will be revealed shortly......

15 Aug 2011

OOTD - 15.08.11

So, todays outfit of the day is pretty plain but well suited to work and the super changeable UK weather at the minute.

Black cropped cigarette chinos
White scoop neck top with long sleeves
Red patent ballet pumps
Black swarovski skull ring (worn on index fingers)
Black frame glasses (as always)
Leopard print pashmina (worn as a scarf)
Leopard print satchel (worn across the body)

OOTD - 15.08.11

Would love to know what you all think?

13 Aug 2011

Review : 17 Mirror Shine On - Nudist Peach

Now before we start, I'll apologise for the fuzzy photos, seems I have had a distinct absence of my beautiful EOS 1Ds but the hub keeps leaving it at work where he has been using my camera.... anyways if anyone would like better pics I can set about snapping some more later.

After reading all the furore and hype over Beehive, I thought I'd better take a look at these Mirror Shine On lippies in Boots.

I was more drawn to Nudist Peach because it was a slightly orangey red toned neutral brown and I do love my good old neautral browns. It is by no means a peach colour, but from the orangey red caste to it, I can see how it leans towards that. 

I am loving the bright blue metallic packaging with the pink 17 logo. Very bright without being gaudy… also it makes finding it at the bottom of your bag much easier as it's so shiny… which if anyone had seen the size of my handbag and the amount of sh*te I cart round, you'll know how much of a bonus that is, for me at least!

In the bullet, the side that doesn't touch you lips is quite a satin finish but on the side that you apply from, it is transformed in to a super shiny glossy side, hence the name Mirror Shine. You certainly do get high shine once it's applied!

The colour in the bullet by no way translates to the colour pay off you will receive from the Mirror Shine On lipstick but then again I knew what the product was like before I bought it so it was no surprise.

When swatched on the back of my hand it is a beautifully soft delicate glossy pinky neutral brown. I can see a bit of reddy brown, then in another light it's definitely a pinky brown then in another it's a light neutral brown gloss. It's a very complex colour on the swatch I must say and for £4.59 it works as a great light lippie.

10 double swipes on left, 1 double swipe on the right

I do have quite dark pink lips to start with so when I don't have a lip base on, it gives me a barely their pink brown tinge to my lips - my lips but better - with a beautifully soft gloss effect without being sticky or claggy.

It's a perfect colour for summer touch ups or with natural make up as it's obvious you are wearing a product but it's neither heavy or over done.. And re-application without a mirror is an absolute doddle. It feels so glossy and moisturising on the lips which I love, especially in the recent warm spell we've been having. It does however have a slight "cheap" taste and smell to it… I'm sure you'll know the one I mean…. The one that you usually get with super cheap lippies.

I have been using this more as a tinted lip balm than a normal lipstick due to the lack of pigmentation compared to a normal lippie but it's perfect for that. Quick slick brightens my face through out the day. It also looks great as a refresher for a longer lasting lip stain, I wear it over my Revlon Just Bitten to moisturise.

For £4.59 I'm sure there are products that would deliver similar results at possibly a cheaper price, say perhaps from the Natural Collection range, but the winner for me is that 17 always has some kind of special offer on if you make a purchase… and that truly is the only reason I bought this (Free Eye Dazzle Dust!).

You can buy the 17 Mirror Shine On lipstick in the following ways : 

Instore - £4.59

11 Aug 2011

Happy Birthday Mr Tramp!

 It gives me great pleasure to share with you that it is my husbands 29th birthday today. The wonderful wonderful Mr Tramp aka Paul.

He loves to pose! Clockwise - Atlas Mountains, Marrakech / Grand Canyon, Arizona / Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco / Restaurant in Leeds

Today has been named "Paul's super exciting adventure birthday day"

We both have the day off work today and at the time this goes live, we will be enjoying a morning of rally driving. Hooning it round a dirt track in a rally car! Awesome! 

One of our own cars is in fact a rally car (2006 Subaru Impreza) so it will be fun to spend the day thrashing someone elses cars rather than our own!

If a morning of adrenalin fuelled man-fun wasn't enough, we will be indulging in some very, very, VERY much needed TLC time courtesy of the beautiful spa at Seaham Hall Hotel in the north east. Oh my the place is lovely and we can't wait to de-stress in a hot tub!

3 course lunch in the renowned Ozone restaurant followed by spa time! I have been drooling on the lunch menu already, I think I have picked out my food! The menu is HERE

If you are from the North East or ever visited you'll probably know about how highly regarded the Serenity Spa at Seaham is. It is our first visit too

The Facilities:

  • 20 metre ozone cleansed pool with massage stations

  • Sanarium with crystal light therapy

  • Sauna with quartz crystal

  • Black granite steam room with amethyst crystal

  • Snail showers

  • Hamman with snail showers and jacuzzi

  • Hydrotherapy bath with 12 massage stations

  • Ice fountain

  • Plunge pools

  • Outdoor hot tubs

  • Technogym fitness suite

  • Areobic studio

  • Roof garden

  • Ozone restaurant

  • Ok Ok so the latter part of the day is probably for my benefit than Pauls but seeing as I'm paying I should get a say.... right?

    I bought the rally day as part of a previous Groupon offer for the local area and the spa day was from Wahanda. I use Groupon quite a lot but this was the first time using Wahanda and it certainly was just as easy as Groupon.

    Both were super super good value and meant I could buy Paul twice as many birthday presents.... as boy does he deserve them after putting up with me for so long.

    I will certainly try to enjoy my day and I'll make sure Paul does a little post birthday update too


    10 Aug 2011

    Congratulations to me!

    Big headedness aside, I was privileged to be awarded blogger of the week by the lovely folk over at Immediate PR

    Here's the official blurb taken from their website's blog

    Immediate PR’s Blog of the Week – #6

    Holiday fever has hit the Immediate PR offices this month with all of
    us heading abroad to enjoy the sun and a few pina coladas, and this week’s
    Blog of the Week got our attention with her fabulous post on holiday
    beauty on Lady From a Tramp.
    Her practical approach to looking great on the beach was perfect, as we all know a
    suitcase crammed with endless products isn’t what we all need! The way Lady From a Tramp helps you to simplify your beauty routine for a portable and easy fix is refreshing and realistic, and showing what she would be taking away is a great indicator for beauty lovers in need of
    some advice and guidance before panic buying.
    Congratulations Lady From a Tramp, you’re our Blog of the Week (and we hope you have a
    lovely holiday!)

    So, yes, I'm grinning ear from ear and I am over the moon.. needless to say, whether I pack the goody bag in my holiday travel bag remains to be seen ;-)


    9 Aug 2011

    Holiday Beauty?

    At this time every year, I go in to holiday overload in the run up to mine. I have a little holiday count down on my phone and as it's not roughly 4 weeks I am just about at bursting point with excitement (Yes... like a small child)

    Yeah, I'm going here! Eeee!

    I am currently engrossed with blog posts & youtube videos of peoples holiday wash bags and holiday make up bags. 

    It always amazes me what people take on holiday as an essential. I don't know if it's because on my only summer holiday of the year I strip back on personal grooming or whether these other people are a bit OTT with holiday grooming?

    For a beach holiday, I wouldn't dream of wearing make up during the day, and on a night time i'd also never put on a full face of make up. Bit of bronzer, slip of lippie and a dash of eye colour an i'm done. For all these make up bag videos I watch I genuinely wonder if these ladies wear full foundation and slap whilst they are away. I also never take all my good make up, meltage, damage, loss... I stick with a very tried and tested range of basic staples and then add colour items to this to jazz it up.

    This isn't by all means the exact list of what I'm taking but it probably will be. On laying it out like this it does look a lot, but it's very conservative compared to most I've seen!

    And don't get me started on body products... In the last few videos I watched for beach holidays.... the ladies were packing exfoliators, face masks, fake tan, 5 different perfumes.... lordy!

    I suspect if I was going on a city sightseeing holiday i'd take a different selection of product, but maybe I'm the odd one for only taking the bear minimum of products so that I can spend the least time to look holiday-presentable whilst i'm away.

    I'm also transfixed by all these in-flight beauty articles. Have these people never flown with a package tour operator full of lairy stags and hens,crammed in to a hot, stinky miniscule cabin? It's not exactly the best environment to remove make up, put on a face mask and PJs and then relax for 5hrs. Have you ever actually seen anyone do this? The closest I get to in-flight beauty is a lipbalm and wet wipes for hands and cooling down hot sticky necks and some eye drops for my lenses.

    I like the idea of removing your make up at the start of a long haul flight and then re-applying at the end because I always feel slimy and icky, but really, in all my years I have never seen anyone following these so called 'experts' advice. Isn't it hard to take your full on skin care routine with you in your clear baggy?

    Do articles like this fuel womens need to up the holiday grooming or am I just making myself sound like a slobby tramp?

    I would actually LOVE this year to try out some of the in-flight beauty tips just as a point of comparison to know what it's all about. I'm on the hunt for these so called marvellous products that I need to make myself more presentable

    What do you think? Do you take a lot of beauty products away with you, or like me do you tone down your routine? 

    I'd love to know what you all think and what you're holiday must haves are.


    8 Aug 2011

    Sneaky peek : Sleek MakeUP Nude Collection

    Well, despite a few small wobbles over the Pout Paints I am still super excited for the launch of the new Nude Collection. It looks so effortlessly simple but as usual with Sleek, no doubt the eyeshadows are amazing quality and highly pigmented.

    I do wonder if MUA Pro got there first with their amazing heaven and earth neutral palette that everyone has been fawning over though. Similiar-ish colourway AND alot cheaper.

    Looking at the pictures I will definitely be buying the full set as you can never have enough neutrals!

    On with the official blurb from Sleek : 

    Sleek MakeUP’s NUDE COLLECTION resonates from the clean, fresh-faced beauty that reigns over the fashion industry, and no longer is this colour story all about beige. Sleek MakeUP’s new collection is a celebration of ethereal beauty, ranging from earthy browns, variations of tan, and pearly oysters. The dominant makeup trend emerging from the A/W ’11 shows is one of far fewer bold brights and many more neutral, taupe dustings of colour; now the focus is on perfect skin, natural shades of makeup, and a real sense of purity.

    AU NATUREL I-DIVINE (RRP: £6.49) gives you soft, subtle eyes with a palette of fawns and champagne, or a smoky, sultry look with rich dark browns, highly pigmented to suit all skin tones.

    SUEDE BLUSH (RRP: £4.29) and create contours and highlights with a shroud of natural colour. 

    BARE MINIMUM POUT POLISH (RRP: £4.29) live up to its name and pair with dramatically dark eyes for an enticingly chic look. SleekMakeUP’s tinted lip conditioning balm is enriched with Jojoba, Avocado and Sweet Almond Oil as well as having SPF 15, giving you gorgeous conditioned lips that are protected from harmful UV rays.

    The Nude Collection launches on August 31st and it will be a pat of the permanent line which makes a change from all the ltd ed sets that have been whizzing out of late!

    You'll be able to buy the Nude Collection in the usual ways :

    Superdrug instore

    6 Aug 2011

    A cheeky peek....

    Well after my HUGE annoyance with Sleek, I finally managed to get my sticky mitts on 10 out of the 11 Pout Paints... thanks to 2 trips to the same Superdrug, 10 minutes apart (don't ask - but I did get all 10 for £25 - WINNING!)

    I think the PR shots have terrible colour likeness.

    I don't have the time to dedicate to lip swatching and mixing but I really wanted to get them snapped and shown to you all... especially all my lovely ladies who also couldn't get their hands on the farcical paints.

    On with the show.......


    Natural Soft focus

    4 Aug 2011

    A disappointing dealing with Sleek

    So…. Sleek launched their Pout Paints yesterday.

    I have been ringing round branches of Superdrug since 9am yesterday morning to try and locate some of the seemingly mythical products and the branch assistants I have spoke to have either heard nothing about the Pout Paints, don't know when it's coming or they only have blue. Surely for a product to launch it should have been there on concessions bang on for start of trade on launch day? I don't know if this is a Superdrug issue or Sleek, but it's something I have never experienced with Boots yet, they always have full stock on launch day. - Especially when you consider some branches had them BEFORE launch day.

    I tried (7 times to date) to process an order on the Sleek website to no avail as the Sage Pay facility does not acknowledge the 3 for 2 offer making the final total £15 more than it should be.

    I have flagged this up via Twitter, Facebook and Email. I appreciate they have technical issues, lordy, I'm an IT techy myself but surely they could have put a note out on the news section of their website, or facebook or Twitter?

    I truly hate to say it but the Sleek customer service leaves A LOT to be desired at present. Seriously, would it have taken you that much effort to put a note out somewhere to warn people of the issue to stop people still trying to process orders, or being accidentally over charged. £15 is a pretty big over-charge for what is a budget drugstore brand y'know.

    C'mon Sleek, you should have made an announcement somewhere before now.


    A very disappointed Sleek fan.

    3 Aug 2011

    HOTD : 03/08/11

    Just a quick hair of the day (HOTD) as I quite liked the look of it.

    I had done a straight blow dry last night with a paddle brush and went to bed in my hot sticky humid bedroom and woke up with loose curls on the ends of my hair.

    I thought I would embrace the curly twurl and leave my hair down today. I enhanced the curly with a spritz of V05 SurfStyle salt spray

    I vaguely followed the hair routine that I blogged about HERE but obviously I didn't curl or use the Big Hair dryer, but the products are the same as usual.

    It's just a shame the flash turned my pale blonde hair a brassy yellow shade as it hit the shine at the back! Grrrr

    2 Aug 2011

    Review : Fruit Works - Watermelon & Pink Grapefruit hand lotion

    I'm feeling fruity….

    On my quest to find a purse (and pilfering office staff) friendly hand lotion for my desk, I picked up a few huge bottles of Fruit Works hand lotion by Grace Cole.

    For my hard earned £2.99 from TK MAXX, I have in my dry little mitts, a huge 500ml of fruity pink goodness!

    I am currently using the Watermelon & Pink Grapefruit lotion which smells so light and summery it's just lovely. It makes me want to eat my fingers. I have to avoid using it just before lunch time.. Nom nom nom. It just evokes mental images of summery beaches with the man selling fresh watermelon and big delicious fruit salad platters.

    The huge bottle would be a bit unweildy for using with a screw top so the clever folk at Fruit Works have put a rather swish metallic pink pump dispenser on the top… I have to admit, it was the pink colour alone that made me buy this!

    I find one squirt / press delivers enough lotion to work in to both my hands and wrists up to about watch height. At first I wasn't very impressed as I thought the consistency was too watery to be moisturising but I perservered and boy am I glad I did.

    The consistency is the perfect formula to quickly soak in to the skin while still delivering fruit moisture. This is a great bonus as a busy lady, I don't want thick greasy gloopy all over my hands for 30 minutes after I've applied the product. 

    Usage wise, I apply about 4/5 times a day at workas I hate the feeling of my hands not being moisturised, and as an IT Desk Jockey my hands are constantly in use. You don't feel as you need to apply the product that often, it's just personal preference. The smell lingers for quite a long time too which is great. No point buying scented lotion if the smell disappates as soon as it hits your skin!

    In the 3/4 weeks I have been using this, Monday to Friday, the product level has only dipped by about 3mm so it's going to last me forever, even at the rate I use it. What more could you ask? Budget friendly, beautifully scented and hydrating lotion that's going to be very economical.
    Now, in the great Lady from a tramp tradition, I can't do a review without having some kind of silly story attached to each product it seems… this one is no different!

    While sitting at my desk the other day, after an overly vigorous curling tong session, I could smell my hair was smelling a bit burnt (odd as I always use heat protectant but that's by the by). Without any hair products or perfume to hand… I had a light bulb moment…. Why not put my lovely pink fruit hand lotion through the ends of my hair to take the burnt smell away. Genius I hear you say? Well I didn’t smell of burnt hair any more… now I smelled of burnt watermelon which I must say isn't something I'd like to smell of again!

    So the moral of the story girls is that it's a fab fab fab hand lotion… but probably not the best product to take the smell of burning out of your hair!

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