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7 Apr 2011

Service will resume soon....

Hello all you lovelies!

I know I havent updated the blog in a few days. It's longer than it seems as I had pre-scheduled some posts.

To cut a long story short I'm currently having an insanely stressful time at work AND i've been quite majorly ill!

Rest assured i'll be back again very soon with lots of goodies..... reviews, tips, musings and madness

Love you all

Katie xxx

3 Apr 2011

Review : Sleek - Paraguaya i-divine

I haven't got much to say on this palette really, which is odd considering how much of an i-divine fangirl I am!!

The packaging reflects the rest of the avoir la peche line with its delicate peach and white flowers... and as I think I mentioned in my Primer Palette review, they have stuck with the cardboard packaging rather than those evil plastic boxes!!


Admittedly the colours, to some, could seem horrific but as my usual daily colour scheme for work is golds and bronzes, the orange, coral and peach tones in this palette are just an extension of this. The mix on the palette really makes my already bold blue eyes just pop out amazingly so it gets double thumbs up for that alone!!

As always with the i-divines the colours can be built up from a light wash to a bold statement colour and all the 12 shades are effortlessly interchangeable so you can create lots of interesting tweeks to your look.

Out of all the cheap applicator pads you get with eyeshadows I really like the Sleek ones, I use them for touching up on the go and get fab results every time. My only gripe is they are so cheap and chatty quality the ends of mine constantly fall off, on ever palette too! Grrrr! Use some better glue!!

I am loving the new naming trend for Sleek too. Atleast on this palette they got the names right, unlike the Primer Palette! Ha!

For anyone scared of the garish orange tones in this mix, I would strongly recommend it as its very versatile and with a gentle hand you can create some beautiful looks. My favourite so far is the Peach Gold all over my lid, Stone in the socket line with a smudge of Bellini in the corner of my eye and brow bone… all topped off with a flick of black eyeliner and a dose of my amazing maybelline one by one mascara!

For £6.49 for 12 high quality shades, I can't recommend this highly enough - GO BUY!

1 Apr 2011

Review : Sleek - Sugar May Lip Polish

I'm not as enamoured with this lip polish as I have been with others within in Sleeks repatoire but that's more down to personal preferences than issues with the product itself.

I was expecting a highly pigmented polish, along the lines of Electro Peach but Sugar May is a soft delicate orangey peach that gives the tiniest of tiny hints of colour on my rose lips. Maybe if I wore a lip base or my trusty Gosh Darling lippie first then I might get a better peach colour from the polish.

This is in no way Sleek's problem, it's solely down to the natural colour of my lips, which is a problem I always suffer with (a post is on its way about this!).

What this polish does deliver is a thick luxurious balm that gives just the right amount of slip on the lips to make it a comfortable product to wear without it being overly greasy or drying. It has the same usual Lip Polish smell and texture. 

I'm not 100% keen on the smell, as I'm a bit of a tom boy car fanatic, the smell reminds me too much of car waxes and has that odd 'just valeted' smell to it which I attribute to being caused by the Carnauba Wax which is present in both the lip polish and car polishes. Of course, smells mean different things to different people and out of all my car-mad friends ive made to smell it, they agree but giving it to someone else, they just look blankly at me - it's ok, im used to that!!